Become A Sales Magnet On Video

Skyrocket your video confidence, supercharge your sales confidence and sell with ease and unshakable confidence on video whilst leaving a powerful legacy in the world with your transformational offerings.

Imagine the ripple effect it will have in the world when you show up as your authentic self, are visible, and tell people how you can help them.

Imagine what making more sales could do you for your business and your life. As well as the lives of your 5-Star soul-aligned clients.

Sure, you want to increase sales in your business. But it goes so much deeper than that.

Increasing sales is not just about the numbers. You’re here to make a massively positive impact in people’s lives.

To leave a legacy in this world by doing impactful work and making a difference every day.

Doing things on your own terms and concentrating on the work that truly lights you up and fulfils you.

To enjoy all that freedom of time you’ve always wanted and to have the lifestyle you desire for yourself and your family.

Video is one of the simplest and fastest ways to do this.

Selling on video does not have to involve hour-long workshops and webinars or week-long challenges!

You don’t even need to spend endless hours on sales calls.

Selling on video is super simple and can be done in literally under a minute!

Not only that, it’s highly effective. 

This sounds too good to be true Noleen! 

Well, it is true and I’m going to show you how to feel excited about being visible on video, fall in love with selling and sharing your paid offers so you can sell with ease and unshakable confidence on video.

Fall in LOVE with selling on video, thoroughly ENJOY showing up on video and make a monumental IMPACT with your visibility.

By the end of this powerful, action-orientated program, you will walk away with:

Being visible on video brings up enough blocks as it is.

You make up all manner of excuses not to go on video such as bad lighting, not the right background, a noisy household, bad camera, you’re not dressed right.

When the reality is you avoid going on video because:

Add in your blocks around selling too and...

…it’s enough to make you want to run and hide behind the sofa!

Are you ready to maximise your video and visibility so that you can monetise it and magnetise your ideal 5-star clients?

This is for you if:

This is what you can expect from this program:

What We’ll Cover:

You’ll learn my 3-step process that will skyrocket your video confidence and sales confidence so you start selling your incredible offerings with greater ease on video. 

You’ll learn how to engage your audience and make them feel excited and ready to buy from you.

Together we will work on:

You will get:


Immediate access to the masterclass to watch on demand whenever you wish. You will get 3 comprehensive modules. Each one covers video confidence, sales confidence and practical ways to sell on video.

Video Prompts

Video challenges to help you implement what you learn within each module that can also be used as your video content.  These videos are unique and challenging and will help you to wow your audience, create a stronger connection with them, make you stand out from the noisy online crowd and become a magnet to your ideal 5-star clients. 

Action Plan

Action steps with each module so you can easily and quickly implement and benefit from what you learn right away.


Bonus masterclass with plenty of additional tips to ensure you show up on video confidently and powerfully every single time.


Comprehensive and valuable workbooks you can use on rinse and repeat to help you implement and work on your video and sales blocks and limiting beliefs. 

24/7 Access

On-demand access to all the modules, workbooks and materials so you can review them anytime you need and for each time you're ready to take your video and sales confidence to the next level.


Access to any updates that happen in the future. 

What's It Like To Work With Me:

Don’t just take my word for it. Here’s what some of my incredible clients have had to say about what it’s like to work with me. And they share some of the incredible results they’ve achieved too. 

Meet your Mentor:

Noleen Sliney is a Video & Visibility Mentor and the founder of the Magnetic Video & Visibility Guild.

Before starting her business she had a decade-long career in International Corporate Banking. Standing up in front of a room full of people giving presentations and talking about the company’s products was something she did regularly and with confidence. 

However, when Noleen started her business, she realised it was very different being visible and talking about yourself as well as selling and sharing your own products. 

She encountered all manner of visibility blocks, and fears around selling, and lacked confidence on video and talking about herself.

Her fears of being visible were so severe her partner had to set up her Facebook account for her! She didn’t want to ever share photos of herself.

And she never shared her paid offerings for fear of judgement, being spammy and ‘annoying’ people! 

Today, Noleen is renowned as the Video Visibility Queen. Video is now the number one way she makes sales and magnetises her soul-aligned clients from all over the globe.

She has helped 000’s of clients to maximise their video and visibility and monetise it to magnetise their ideal 5-star clients so they can increase their sales, impact millions and help them create their legacy!

She does this by helping them bring out their presence and promote their personal branding through video, to feel confident to be visible and excited to hit the go-live button and to fall in love with sharing their offers and regularly inviting people to work with them with ease. 

This has led to them booking VIP clients, selling their high-end programs, increasing sales with ease and people seeking them out to collaborate and partner with.

When you enrol in this masterclass you'll also be making a positive impact in our furry friends lives

One of my great passions is animal welfare. Helping animals to be safe from harm and live long, happy, healthy lives is part of the legacy that I want to create and leave in the world. 

When you purchase this masterclass, I donate 5% of every sale to an animal charity. 

Some of the animal charities I’ve donated to are: Rolda, Soi Dogs, Elephant conversation, Veto Tierschutz, Til The Cows Come Home, Paws Give Me Purpose, Dogs Aid, Vier Pfoten (Four Paws International), PETA, Humane Society International, Rainforest Action Group and more. 

I love to support smaller chartities too that don’t get as much media attention and don’t have big budgets for advertising.

I have a particular love in my heart for cat charities and sanctuaries because of my beloved gorgeous Galadriel. But I love supporting any charities who do great work to help animals of all species. 

So please feel free to reach out to me about any animal charities you know of who would appreciate some support. I’d love to help them in even the smallest way I can. 

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