April 8th-11th


How to get your video content seen, deeply connect with your audience, grow a thriving community and increase sales without being a slave to the algorithm, social media platform changes or the latest trends!

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You spend hours creating and posting brilliant video content, putting your heart and soul into them. But then...


They get little to no traction. No likes, no comments and no sales!

You wonder if they are even being seen by anyone in your audience.

Those damn algorithms, Facebook and Instagram. They don’t show your content to your followers!

It feels like you‘re talking into the void! Wasting your time. What’s the point if nobody even sees your content.

But here’s the truth…

Those are NOT the reasons why your videos are not getting engagement.

YOU have control over who sees your content

All you need are some tweaks and a simple, easily implementable, effective strategy.

In this masterclass, that’s exactly what you‘ll learn.

You‘ll uncover the reasons why your video content is not getting the engagement you desire.

And how to fix that easily with tried and tested strategies that are quick and simple and highly effective.

So that your followers start seeing your video content and actually engage with it so you can grow a thriving community of your ideal clients who regularly see your videos and watch them, are eager for when your next video is posted, and gets them curious and excited to want to work with you.

Here's the big secret about engagement...

Engagement is about building trust, a deep connection with your audience and a thriving community. NOT about making algorithms happy! 

Sure, boosting your engagement means getting more views, more people seeing your content. 

And hopefully more likes and comments. 

But what boosting your engagement really does is: 

  • Deepens your relationship with your audience. 
  • Builds trust. 
  • Makes selling easier and feel more aligned. 
  • Builds your authority. 
  • Positions you as the go-to person for your audience as they see your content, know what you do and how you can help them. 
  • Gives you clarity on your messaging. 

So enough of being a slave to the algorithm! 

Enough of worrying about engagement going down if you take a break from posting. 

Enough of concerning yourself with the latest trends and which type of video gets the most engagement. 



Imagine having your content seen by more people who are commenting and taking action, without having to be a slave to the algorithm or social media platforms.

This masterclass will greatly support you to:

Not only is all of this possible, I’ve created the solution to help get you there 10x faster.

**for a limited time only**

You can join and access it for FREE when you register for the Becoming Boss Bundle.

Simply click on the button above and enter the code BECOMINGBOSS to get a 100% discount off the masterclass.

Boost engagement on your videos on social media to be seen, have your message heard, grow a thriving community, increase sales and make a greater impact.

Skyrocket Your Video Engagement is everything you need to:



This module is about taking your power back! We’re busting A LOT of the myths that are out there about engagement and what you need to be doing in order to boost engagement. 


the top reasons why your content is not being seen by your audience

This module alone is a gamechanger and implementing these 3 things will instantly boost your engagement!

MODULE three

The Strategies

We’re diving deeper into the strategies that are simple and effective that you can implement right away to boost your engagement.


Set & forget

Sometimes you really can’t be on social media. We’re covering what to do when you need to take time off and the impact it has on your engagement, if any. 


putting it together

This module has some final nuggets of wisdom that will help put the final pieces together to boost your engagement even further. 

To help you implement and take action quickly you're also going to get access to these bonuses

let's dive into your bonuses - I've included these powerful bonuses to give you all you need to implement and take action


Tons of examples

I’m sharing plenty of examples from my own business as well suggestions for you which you can easily apply and customise to your business. These will make it easy for you to take action. 

$97 value


This will help you get clarity on where the gaps are currently in your video and visiblity business and how you can get working on them right away. 

$97 value



Sample strategy

This suggested action and strategy plan will make it easy for you to create structure and have a daily action plan that’s easy to implement and stick to. And is easily tailored to your own business.

$197 value

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What you get:

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When you enrol in this masterclass you'll also be making a positive impact in our furry friends lives

One of my great passions is animal welfare. Helping animals to be safe from harm and live long, happy, healthy lives is part of the legacy that I want to create and leave in the world. 

When you purchase this masterclass, I donate 5% of every sale to an animal charity. 

Some of the animal charities I’ve donated to are: Rolda, Soi Dogs, Elephant conversation, Veto Tierschutz, Til The Cows Come Home, Paws Give Me Purpose, Dogs Aid, Vier Pfoten (Four Paws International), PETA, Humane Society International, Rainforest Action Group and more. 

I love to support smaller chartities too that don’t get as much media attention and don’t have big budgets for advertising.

I have a particular love in my heart for cat charities and sanctuaries because of my beloved gorgeous Galadriel. But I love supporting any charities who do great work to help animals of all species. 

So please feel free to reach out to me about any animal charities you know of who would appreciate some support. I’d love to help them in even the smallest way I can. 

Meet Your Mentor

I’m Noleen Sliney, a Video & Visibility Strategist. I help impact-led entrepreneurs maximise and monetise their videos and visibility to magnetise their ideal 5-star clients and impact millions.

Before starting my business I had a decade-long career in International Corporate Banking. Standing up in front of a room full of people giving presentations and talking about the company’s products was something I did regularly and with confidence. 

However, when I started my business, I realised it was very different being visible and talking about myself as well as selling and sharing my own products. 

I encountered all manner of visibility blocks, fears around selling, and lacked confidence on video and talking about myself.

I went on a journey to grow my confidence on video and overcome my fears of being visible. 

Eventually, I was showing up and being visible. I was enjoying creating video content and even felt confident.

Yet something was still off! 

I wasn’t seeing the results I should have been getting for all my hard work and effort and my visibility. 

Very little engagement and little to no sales! 

I realised what was missing was a highly effective sales, visibility and video content strategy! 

Today, video is the number one way I make sales and magnetise my 5-star clients from all over the globe.

My videos regularly have high levels of engagement and convert to clients. 

Sometimes people will see me on video just once, having never met me or known anything about me. Yet they will enrol in my offers from that one video. 

This is because I have an intention and a strategy to my video content and visibility. 

Using my Magnetic Video & Visiblity Framework, I’ve helped 000’s of clients to maximise their video and visibility and monetise it to magnetise their ideal 5-star clients so they can increase their sales, impact millions and help them create their legacy!

I help them bridge the gaps by creating a simple and effective sales and visibility strategy to promote their offers. So they hit the go-live button without hesitation or overthinking exuding confidence as they know exactly what to say in a compelling way to build their authority through their videos and that turns viewers into paying clients.

This has led to them booking VIP clients, selling their high-end programs, increasing sales with ease and people seeking them out to collaborate and partner with.

I'm excited to help you do the same!

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are we a good fit?

Should you join Skyrocket Your Video Engagement? Is it a right fit for you?

I’m a very straight-talking person and mentor.

In my world, there is no complaining about and/or giving your personal power away to external forces, individuals, influences, or circumstances.

In my world, there is no place for excuses.

In my world, there is personal responsibility because that is where the gold lies!!!

In my world you take action!

And I walk my own talk by ensuring I also adhere to all of those things.

I mean this with love. So please don’t join if ….

❌ You only want to blame the algorithm, Facebook, Instagram, and external circumstances.

❌ You’re only looking to find out about the latest algorithm changes and social media trends and fads. Or want to learn how to make a post go viral. 

❌ You want to go into detail on engagement stats and metrics.

❌ You’re not willing to implement and take action. 

It means we are not a good fit and this masterclass is NOT for you.

However, you are a great fit for Skyrocket Your Video Content if:

There has never been a better time to get your amazing video content and transformational offers seen and experienced by those who are seeking you and your expertise.

the time is now!

If you’re ready to stop giving your power away to the algorithms and social media platforms and start getting your amazing content seen by more people.

Now it the perfect time! Your content is too damn good to just be sitting hidden gathering virtual dust on your computer or social media profiles!

You can make an incredibly positive impact with your video content, wisdom, expertise, natural gifts and your life-changing offers. 

You just need to get it seen by more people and you absolutley have the power to do that with some simple tweaks and easily  implementable strategies. 

And in Skyrocket Your Video Engagement you’ll have all you need to greatly support you to do that.

Let your voice and message be seen and heard through your video content to help you grow your business and impact hundreds, thousands and even millions of people!


The masterclass is 106 minutes in full, divided into separated videos and modules.

Each video is approximately 5-10 minutes, with one video at 13 minutes long. You can watch it all in one sitting, pause the video and implement at the same time. 

No. These strategies are easily and quickly implementable. However, you do need to do some of the work if you want to see results. Your engagement is not going to magically increase by itself. But that does not mean you need to spend hours of your time every day on these (unless of course you want to). I’m all about efficiency and effectiveness. I recommend setting aside 10-15 minutes per day but it’s of course, up to you. I’ve explained this in greater detail in the masterclass and given you plenty of options now how much or how little time you have. 

No! This is not about keeping up with changes that you have no control over. This is about helping YOU be the one in control not matter what changes the social media platforms make to the algorithm’s. 

No! This is not about getting a post to go viral. Whilst that’s great, a one-off viral post or video is just that – a one off!! This masterclass concentrates on giving you all you need to ensure your engagement is sustainable and builds trust and authority and a thriving community who continually see and engage with your video content and who want to buy from you.

Because of the digital nature and quick-action of the course, there will be NO REFUNDS for this training. You can check out our terms and conditions policies for all our products here.

As you enrol, I encourage you to do so intentionally.

I love this program and I deeply believe in the principles in it however, I don’t guarantee or warrant results.

While the programme is extremely powerful, it’s not the programme itself that will give you results.

You’ll get all the guidance you need – you’ve also got to do the work.  Ultimately, you are responsible for your own results.

Send me an email to and I’m happy to answer it for you.

Here's a reminder of what you get:

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