It may seem like Christmas, New Year and January are difficult times of year to sell. But with the right mindset and strategies to help you stand out from the noisy online crowd, you can gain many new 5-star clients and customers.

Video is the quickest and easiest way to be visible and show up for your audience and connect with your soul-aligned clients.

But before we even go into why video is so powerful and how to utilise it, there is one very important place we need to start.

Be Mindful of Your Mindset:

Perhaps you’re not selling at this time of year because you think people are not buying as they are on holiday and/or don’t have any money left after Christmas.

This is not true! 

This is a limiting belief. 

It’s mind-reading as well as making presumptions about what people can and can’t afford!

Your ideal clients still have the same problems and/or desires during this time. 

They may need what you offer over the holiday period. 

Or, they may want to finally get their new year off on the right footing and your offer may come at the perfect time for them to do this. 

People also get bored over the holiday period, are still checking their phones, and are online looking for offers. 

Some people don’t take any time off and are still working full throttle or even half days. 

Some don’t celebrate Christmas at all. 

So it’s important to keep all of this in mind. 

Because it’s only those limiting beliefs that are stopping you from showing up and sharing your incredible offers with the world.

If the mindset monkeys start creeping into your head, remember this. 

Selling is serving.

As a business owner who has something very valuable to help your clients, it’s vital you show up for your people and let them know how you can help them. 

They will be incredibly grateful you did. 

Now that you’re in the right mindset, let’s look at why video is so powerful and how you can use it to reach those amazing people who need you. 

Video Amplifies Your Written Words!

Think about your favourite author or journalist. You love reading their books and eagerly await their content. 

And yet…. 

When you SEE and HEAR them SPEAK their words, it makes those written pieces of content even more powerful. 

It gives them a whole new meaning and emphasis. 

It AMPLIFIES those words.  

It’s the same when it comes to showing up on video for your audience. 

Sure, you can post written content. 

But when you show up on video, it gives your audience a whole new perspective of who you are so they connect with you on a deeper level and can quickly visualise working with you. 

Being visible to your audience on video will help your written posts convert a whole lot better. 

If you find it difficult to magnetise clients from your written posts alone or want to magnetise even more incredible five-star soul-aligned clients, let them see you and hear you speaking in your authentic voice on video.

3 Ways to Use Video to Captivate and Magnetise your 5-star Clients and Customers

Sharing what people get when they work with you and product-related videos with tutorials is good. But everyone is doing that. 

So what makes you different? 

How can you stand out? 

Here are 3 very simple yet very powerful ways to show up on video, captivate your audience and magnetise your soul-aligned clients. 

1: Tell a story about your product or offer

Storytelling is so powerful! People connect to people. People buy from people. 

When you tell stories, it creates an emotional connection. Your audience relates to and it builds the know-like-trust factor a lot more quickly and deeply. 

Sure, it’s good to tell them about the features of your offer, what’s included, etc. Tutorials on how to use a physical product are good too. 

But people don’t buy on logic. They buy on emotion. 

Instead, share the story of the product or program instead. 

Why did you create it? 

How was it born? 

If it’s a service, how did it come about? Was it based on your own experience? 

If it’s a product, was it born out of a need you had yourself?

2: Tell your story

Again, tell a story. This time it’s about you. People want to see who is behind the brand. They want to know who they’re buying from. 

How was your brand born? 

How and why did you start your business? 

What was your background before you started your business? 

You don’t have to share your entire story in one video. It’s too long. Plus you have more than one story. 

So break it up into smaller chunks of short videos 5-10 minutes long each. 

It’s a great way to have a stream of video content. 

Plus it creates excitement and curiosity for the next instalment of your story. 

It keeps people coming back for more.

3: Share your values

This may be something you’ve already included in your social media bio and/or website. 

But going on video and saying it in your voice is so much more powerful. 

When your customers get to hear you say it and speak in your authentic voice amplifies your message, values and what you stand for. 

This will make you more memorable and will build trust a lot more quickly.

Video has revolutionised my business and it’s now the number way one I make sales. And it can do the same for you too.

Now it’s time for action

Are you being visible with a mix of video content and written content? Or do you only ever post written content?

Are you using video to its full potential in your business? 

Which one of these 3 methods will you try first?

If you’d like even more ways to use video to sell your offers and captivate your audience, be sure to grab your copy of my FREE guide: 3 Quick & Simple Ways To Use Video To Sell Your Offers